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Welcome to English-Tuition SG!

We are a subsidiary of Gen-Y education centre (one of the best organisation dedicated to quality education in Singapore).

Since 2003, we have been providing English tuition courses for students from all levels. Starting with 2 teachers with a passion in helping students achieve their goals in English, we have grown to a team of over 8 dedicated tutors serving over 120 students every week.

We believe we have found the “best way” to help students achieve massive success in their English exams. Our formula is applied to our weekly structured lessons, study plans, weekly reflections, comprehensive notes and mind-stretching practice questions.

Why Join Us?

Small classes (max 5 students) so students get adequate individual attention

Structured, well-planned and well-executed lessons

Homework and exam aid – dedicated help from our tutors

Tailored lesson plan according to students strengths and weaknesses

Effective teaching of skills and techniques

Comprehensive notes, abundate study resources and exam papers

Over 90% improvement rate


Strengthening Fundamentals

  • Developing good reading habits in students
  • Providing good examples for students to emulate
  • Practicing basics (vocab and grammar practice)
  • Provide varied reading material to enrich students’ vocab
  • Build a climate of words in classroom

Building Interest

  • Puzzles and games e.g. scramble that spurs creative thinking
  • Interaction – questions and answers that stimulate thinking
  • Quizzes that challenges students application of English

Exam Preparation

  • Going through assessment objectives and exam format
  • Explanation of requirements of each section
  • Teach students how to develop all necessary skills (creative writing, critical reading, summary writing, etc.)
  • Tips on how to effectively meet demands of MOE syllabus
  • Going through challenging questions from top school papers
  • Identify weakness in students
  • Learning from mistakes – explaning correct answers and techniques
  • MOE registered tuition centre (Gen-Y education Centre)
  • Achieved Singapore Brands award in 2015
  • Nominated Top Education Centres award in 2007-2015
  • Over 68% distinction rate
  • over 90% improvement rate (on average, across all levels)
  • Over 1200 students taught since 2003
  • 98% Satisfaction rate (surveyed from parents)

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