English today has emerged as the language of the whole world. Almost 80% of the people worldwide use this language for communication with each other.

Even if it’s not the mother tongue of most of them, yet they use this language for sharing thoughts amongst themselves. Thus, learning English has become a priority for most people, especially those who are from non-English speaking background.

Now, for developing your English you must have joined English tuition. After completing a course, you have to sit for the exams. This is where the problem lies. There are certain errors that happen when you write the answers. So, let’s check them out so that you can be prepared about not doing these mistakes.

English is not phonetic language

Phonetic language is a language where you can write or spell the word the way to hear it, or read the words according to the spelling. In English it is not like that. There are words that spell same but while reading them you would be pronouncing different words. Like

I would love to ‘read’ that book and I have already ‘read’ that book. Here the word read is used in both the sentences, but in the first one you pronounce it as ‘reed’ while in the second one you pronounce it as ‘red’. So, you must understand these types of statements and write your answers accordingly.

Common mistakes in usage of English grammar

While writing the answers, the most common mistake that you do is using the English grammar properly. In English tuition, you learn about them but in tension or hurry, you forget about using them in correct way. You should be very careful about it and make sure you avoid making mistakes like

Not using punctuation at the right place

Punctuations help you to structure the sentence properly and make sure that they make sense. Common punctuation marks are comma (,), semi colon (;) and others. The meaning of any sentence can change totally, if they are not used in right place. So be very careful about punctuation marks while you are writing your answers.

Use of preposition is another mistake that occurs while you are writing answers. Not understanding the different between two words may lead you writing the wrong proposition and thus make the sentence incorrect.

Care must be taken about verbs and tenses too as many students are found making mistakes while writing sentences.

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