In Singapore, the medium of teaching in most of the school is English and hence it has become important that students learn about this subject properly.

They get English lessons in classes and at the same time can take English tuition in Singapore for understanding the subject in a better way. Now, the question lies that which is better for the students, taking English lessons in the class or joining any tuition.

When one takes English tuition in Singapore, they are able to get the following benefits over the class lessons.

Customized lessons

In classroom, you would be getting common lectures for every student. There are courses and the teacher would try to complete the course as soon as possible. Although they may try to concentrate on every student but it may not be possible in the class. Thus, some students may lack behind without the knowledge of the teacher.

However, in English tuition classes, they set customized lessons for the students and make sure understand the point where a student lacks. Concentrating on the weak point of the student, the teacher tries to rectify it and make the student confident.

Minimal distractions

In classroom teaching, there are a lot of students and everybody is busy with their own activities. Although during a class, a student is expected to listen to what the teacher is saying, but most of them, especially those who are not interested in the subject do not do that. Hence, other students are also disturbed.

However, in tuition classes, the number of students is less, and they try to concentrate on what the teacher is teaching. Further as the number of student is less, it is possible for the teacher too to take care of every individual while they are teaching.

The student can focus more on the subject being taught and thus better results are expected.

Connection with teacher

In classroom environment, again it is impossible for the students to get in touch with teacher.

There are so many of them, and if the teacher tries to communicate with each and every body he may not be able to complete the course. Hence, the connection between the teacher and the student is minimum.

While in tuition classes, a teacher takes as many students that can be handled by them properly. They ensure that the students relate themselves with the subject and also converse among themselves.

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