In a country like Singapore, the medium of instruction in most of the school is English. Now, if your mother tongue is mandarin or Tamil or Malay or anything else, you may face problem learning English as it would then be your foreign language.

Although you have learn it in school, but you do not speak in this language most often and this is the reason that you are not fluent in English. Many times you feel that you are losing confidence.

Have you ever thought that whether you need English tuition? Many people who need English may think that they do not need English tuition in Singapore. However, if you face any of the following issues you should contact an English tutor.

You do not feel confident

Has it ever happened with you that when you are about to give any lecture or go to any important meeting, you have a feeling that you may not excel in English? You have basic understanding over the subject matter, but you are not confident about facing the crowd. You feel that you may need help to cope with the language.

If anything such happens, then you must think of joining English tuition in Singapore as it would ensure that you learn those skills that would make you confidence.

You find that you are not able to guide your kid

Your kid is also learning English in his school. He must be learning different things in English and as he grows his level of learning English would grow too. Now, suppose one day you found that he comes to you with his problem. When you try to make him understand grammar, you find that you are not sure of the things.

Obviously, you would feel worried. Do not feel odd but try out for some English classes that would ensure that you can deal with the problems of your kid properly.

You need to prepare for a English test

Many times for better career prospect you may have to appear in international English test. Before appearing for the exam, taking English tuition classes would ensure that you would get better scores in the exams.

When you take these classes you would learn about the various mistakes that are done by people while speaking or writing English. Thus, these classes would ensure that you learn English properly.

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