You never know what your child would like! Sometime you may find them keen in learning something whereas other time you would find that he does not show any interest! However, when it is about learning English you cannot leave things to their whims.

As English is an important language and for better communication everybody needs to know it. Hence, you must think of some ways that would encourage your child in learning this foreign language.

Don’t consider English as a different language

Children try to avoid those things that they think is different from their usual lifestyle. They feel hesitant in adopting them and hence avoid them. Now, do not let your child feel that English is a foreign language.

Try to use some English words while you are speaking with them. Keep a lot of English comics’ book for them. It is something that allures most of the ids and your child also cannot avoid reading English comics.

While they read the books they would learn a lot even without any fixed effort. This would encourage them further to use this language.

Let them watch English channels that interests them

The more you hear to something, the better you understand it. This is even true for English. When they are reading they may not be able to speak fluently.

So, you should let them watch television. While they do so, you would find that they can even understand English properly. Try sit with them when they are watching their favorite show. Share with them their fun, interest and you would see that their love for English is increasing.

Get them to a good English tuition

When you are trying your best for growing interest of your child in learning English, make them join some English Tuition.

You may be explaining things to them but the moment they understand you are teaching, they would try to avoid make things fun for them. And for letting them learn English in proper manner let them join good English tuition classes.

There they would be able to learn a lot about grammar, writing skills, speaking skills. Apart from that they would get a lot of friends there who too are learning English.

Hence, it would encourage them and their interest in learning this language would grow. Just remember if you push something on your child, they would avoid it, make it natural and they would embrace it.

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