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A rising star in the education industry. His students love him because he is interesting and able to help them achieve steady improvement.

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Mr Philip Teo teaches the key English exam strategies which students can use to instantly improve their English exam results

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His students love him because his lessons are never boring, Mr Philip Teo inspires passion and enthusiasm towards learning English


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Are You Left Behind?

The Bell Curve is the reason why < 5% of students achieve "outstanding" results, in ANY exam

JC 1 & JC 2 GP

We Help You Rise to the TOP !

If you find English exams hard, it is because you have not developed the skills and mastered the techniques to conquer the exams and become a top performer.

Every student has a fair chance at being a top student in English. The secret to success lies in utilising the right study methods and exam techniques.

My aim is always to raise the achievements of my pupils beyond their own expectations with challenging and rewarding lessons

Our goal is to provide you with all the resources and guidance to SOAR in your English Exams

Many students think that improving their English grades is an extremely challenging task

That is NOT true.

Once you learn the shortcuts, the study methods and exam tecnhiques,  your English grades will begin to improve with less effort. You will wonder why you didn't make the decision to learn them earlier

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P1 - P6 English

Sec 1 - Sec 4 English

About Me

  • I am 51 years of age and specialise in English tuition for all levels
  • Ex-MOE Secondary School English Teacher
  • Over 18 years of experience in teaching
  • Conducted special training programs for secondary schools including Hwa Chong and Raffles Girls'
  • NIE-Trained, NTU Graduate
  • Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning
  • Kaplan (USA) University Diploma in Counselling
  • Scored Distinction in English and General Paper as a student
  • SAT Score of 75 percentile, GPA of 3.8

" I am grateful to have a job that allows me to draw on the elements of teaching that have long been a part of who I am while working with students who continue to inspire me each day.

I have been told that my approach to teaching makes it enjoyable for my students, this is because I always discuss the needs of my new pupils very carefully and aim to build their confidence in the subject. 

I enjoy helping others to learn. My pupils have fun while they study and are always proud of their progress. I try to encourage a genuine interest in any subject studied.

People often ask me why I became a teacher, and my answer is because I love English! I also enjoy sharing the appreciation of fine writing and reading with my students. I am passionate about good writing and believe there’s a story inside of all of us, and it’s just waiting to be unlocked!

My love for teaching stems from an understanding that teachers have the ability to have an influence on the newer generation and lifelong positive influences for students. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you helped somebody achieve something challenging!“

- Mr Philip Teo

My Students' Results

What's I Teach

Do well in English Compo / Paper 1 and your English grades is secured. I will teach you the most effective techniques to score A* in English compo !



Apply the right techniques & your results will soar. English Compre is the easiest component to score. I will show you the way A* students tackle comprehension

Oral + Other Sections

All-rounded training on all sections of the English exams, including Oral, so that You'll be fully prepared and armed with all the skills + resources needed

- How to write captivating 


- How to tackle all types of essay: 

  personal recount, descriptive, 

  argumentive, expository, etc.

- The art of planning and drafting

   before writing

- How to look for clues in passage

- Sharpening of inferential, analytical

   and vocab skills

- How to answer compre questions

  succinctly and comprehensively

- Avoiding the common mistakes

- Sections covered will vary 

  according to MOE syllabus for the 

  student's level

- Adequate practice to familiarise 

  students with the exam format

- Fundamentals in English 

  (grammar & vocab) will be covered

A Personal Note

Hi! I'm Mr Teo. From my 8 years of experience teaching English, I have discovered that many students employ the wrong methods for their English exam preparation, as a result, their grades remain stagnant.

If you're aiming for an A, A* or distinction in English, you have to go the extra mile, to do what others are unwilling to do, to improve your skills, learn the strategies, expand your vocabulary. But dont worry, I'm here to help!

I have nurtured over 100 distinction-scorers in English, many of them were low to average performers who believed in me and followed my strategy. I thank them for their faith in me and I sincerely welcome you on board!

All-in-one Resource Pack

  • Encyclopedic vocab bank: all-in-one guide to improve your vocab
  • Comprehensive grammar guide: never make another grammar mistake again
  • Step-by-step guide to conquer every section in the English exams
  • A-Z guide to effective conversation in English
  • Tips on scoring A* in compo every time
  • Techniques to dominate English comprehension with minimal effort
  • Sure-fire exam strategies for PSLE, O Levels & A Levels

Common Mistakes for Narrative Essays:

This list covers some of the common mistakes that students make when writing their narrative essays.

  • Too much description
  • Not enough action (events) in the plot
  • Little or no description
  • Choosing an essay topic that you don't know about or can't imagine
  • Flat (boring) characters
  • No clear goals or motivation in your characters
  • No conflict
  • Unexplalned plot holes (things In your plot that don't make sense)
  • Copying (your plot) from movies/ televisions shows/ books/ video games.

Outline of Techniques for Comprehension:

  • Reading the passage In detail
  • Reading the questions in detail
  • Analyzlng tlhe questions (What is each question really asking?)
  • Paying attention to minor details when looking for Information
  • Selecting relevant Information
  • Avoiding llflting
  • Not changing the original meaning of your answer when trying to avoid lifting
  • Phrasing the answer relevantly (so that it is actually answering the question)
  • Phrasing the answer accurately
  • Providing details (but not too much) when answering

Some of the Things I Teach in My Lessons

Awards and Achievements

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