Teachers are treated in a special way. Students love them, adore them, idolize them, and imitate them. However, all this happens when you love the way the teacher teaches you. While taking English tuition in Singapore, you too would like to join any teacher who is good.

Now, the question is what are the qualities that would make a teacher good? Let’s find out the qualities that a good English teacher must have


For making you fall in love with the subject English, your English teacher would play a vital role. It is obvious that your English teacher would have apt knowledge about the subject.

Apart from that what is required from your tutor is that he should be imaginative. The more expressive your English tutor would be the more attracted you would be with him. His ideas would change the monotonous schedule of the teaching and you would love learning.


While you take English tuition in Singapore, look for a teacher who has innovativeness. Being innovative your teacher would dare to go off track so that his pupils are on track. By innovative your teacher can introduce new ideas, try to be different and treat each subject in a unique way. He would bring in freshness in the class that would make you feel the subject.


In English class, your teacher should be interactive. This would empower the students to learn the subject and also as the pupil interact more; their communication skill would be developing. By being interactive, the English teacher would create opportunities among the students where they would be communication with each other and would be able to develop their skills in English.

Independent Thinking

Your English teacher should be able to be independent in their thinking, without being influenced by the thoughts of any other person. If the teacher has independent way of thinking things then they would pass it on to you and you too would learn to think independently.

After taking classes from them you would be able to learn to be different, think things independently and that is most important in subject like English.

Thus, when you find these qualities in a teacher, you can be sure that you can learn the language properly from that person.

One more thing that is important is that the teacher should have some common classroom etiquettes, must understand the teacher –student relationship, and should have qualities like patience, tolerance, passion for becoming the friend, philosopher and guide of their pupil.

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