People may find English difficult as a foreign language, but as it is sole medium of instruction among the various schools in Singapore it is utmost important that student can become well-versed in this language from the beginning. For this taking English tuition has become common as pupils believe that they are able to learn better there.

Let’s find the pros and cons of English tuition in Singapore

Learning the language in better way

As students nowadays use a number of apps through their mobiles, their English speaking is also affected by it. However, it is important that the students are able to learn good English and for that taking help from experienced and able English teacher is necessary. As Singapore is a multilingual country, the children also sometimes gets confused while talking with their French, Russian or other friends speaking different language. English plays as the common language for all.

The English tutors understand this and make sure that the pupils are able to communicate in this language easily. They just do not ensure speaking the language, but make sure that their students understand the grammar behind the language. They teach them the correct expression and lineages so that while communication the students are able to do that easily.
Once the students are able to understand the language other subjects also becomes quite easy to understand as English is the medium of instruction in almost every school of Singapore. The tutor make their pupils write in English as frequent writings and speaking have always helped people in learning the language. After taking English tuition a student is able to know where his flaws were.

Tuitions may make students careless in class

Although it has become a common practice to have English tutors yet after a student joins tuitions for English, he may start neglecting the classes held at school. This is very detrimental for the interest of student.

Although most English tutors make their student learn writing, speaking and communicating in English, yet it is necessary that they follow the classes properly.

Many time the tutors asks for fees that are too high and according to the tutors they charge high fees as they take care of the student properly.

To conclude

Whatever is the situation, it is important that parents now keep tutor for their pupil and without them taking a grip on the subject may not be easy. With it they can easily learn the language in a better way.

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