English is a language that is although foreign but is now used in almost all the countries throughout the world. Singapore too is not excluded from the list.

Now, when a child starts going to school, they have to learn the language and the main problem in front of parents is that how to make them learn the language fast?

There are different ways for that as discussed below

Let the child love reading English stories

When a child is learning any language, reading stories in that language would always be appreciated. Parents may say that they can read anything like newspaper but a child would take interest in things that he loves to.

They would always love to read stories and while they are reading the stories they can easily relate to the words that were unknown to them otherwise. Thus, by reading the stories they can learn the language and also the usage of words in it.

Let your kid more

One of the best ways to improve the language and make them learn is to let them speak in it. The more they would use the language for speaking, the more practice they would have of the language. However, for this it is important that you also participate in the whole process.

If you chat with him in English he would also be able to get rid of the shyness. Discuss with him about various things that may be of interest of kid of his age.

The more he speaks the language, more would be his hold on it.

Try to find out his problems

While your baby is conversing with you in English you should try to point out the mistakes and make him learn the correct word or the correct usage of the word. However, you must understand that in all this your kid should not lose his self-confidence. If he loses it then he would never try to communicate in English!

Send him for English tuition

Apart from trying things at home, you can send your child to English tuition. There he would be able to learn the language properly. The teacher would guide him and through a process would let him start loving this language. In primary and secondary English tuition he would be able to learn the grammar properly that is most important for using this language. Hence, sending him to a good English tutor along with practicing things at home would surely develop his English speaking and writing skills.

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